Social & Community Services


Forming noble values and admirable personality from the Islamic perspective are not easy tasks for any party. However PICOMS (Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences) has taken the responsibility to educate students of PICOMS to develop good behaviours and to form better morals quality through many internal programmes as well as cooperating with other government agencies, NGO and corporate bodies in order to achieve the goal.


PICOMS always encourages its students to be more open minded and giving social justifications when administering sick patients regardless of their races, ethnics or religions. The students of PICOMS are also taught the values of respects and loves among human beings in order to create harmonious atmosphere not only among the Muslims but harmonious as a whole at the global scale.


Student of PICOMS are actively involved with the charity and community programmes such as cleaning the old folk homes, community services to the homeless around Kuala Lumpur, helping special needs school resident and others.


The lecturers and students of PICOMS always contribute and support the society by giving health community service, motivational and academic speech to school students and the local community where the programme is held. PICOMS management believes with the planned programmes, it will help PICOMS to formulate futures generations not only equipped with knowledge and instilled with high nobles and humanity social values and justice to serve future society.