School of Physioteraphy


Established in the year 2012, the school of Physiotherapy at PICOMS aims to make distinctive contributions to Physiotherapy profession and society in learning, teaching and knowledge transfer. The students pursuing Diploma in Physiotherapy can expect dynamic and interactive learning through the robust structure of the academic curriculum that is informed by the current best clinical practice. A total of 1280 hours of clinical training at our teaching hospitals and training centers enables our graduates to be par excellent and efficient in the treatment skills catering to the needs of the health care industry in Malaysia.


Knowledge transfer is ensured by our strategic collaborations with physiotherapy profession for higher learning. This is well facilitated with our clinical placements and relations with the University of east London (UEL) UK, to have ONE YEAR TOP UP program for Diploma candidates to enroll in Degree program in the field of Physiotherapy.


The environment in school of physiotherapy at PICOMS is innovative and welcoming. This is reinforced by our interactive learning process such as student centered teaching, group discussions, student platform presentations, clinical reasoning, Problem based learning which enables our students to be ready to practice on their own as soon as they are graduated.



Physiotherapy is a career field related to patient care by providing treatment to individuals who maintain and restore its function at a level maksimum.Ianya movement encompasses movement in the event that the function affected by the aging factor, accident, illness or the influence of environmental factors.



Career prospects as a member of Physiotherapy is very bright and there are many requests. Areas of specialization can be pursued is the expertise in the field of Geriatric Physiotherapy, Sports, Pediatrics, Neurology and Cardiopulmunory.

Besides that graduates have the opportunity to work in various sectors including Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centre for Health, University College, School, Office, Factory, Central Health, Sports Club and can be hired by the patients themselves for personal care in their homes.