Program Backgrounds


The School of Pharmacy was established in 2010 as part of PICOMS Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.  The school sole objective is to become the premier teaching college as far as producing capable Pharmacy Assistants is concerned, with a strong theoretical knowledge equipped with skills in preparing and dispensing medication. It is ideal for students with scientific background and who has the passion and enjoy  the meticulous work required in the pharmaceutical and health care field.  Graduates who are dedicated in assisting the pharmacists whom themselves are dedicated to improving patient health by educating patients about drug use and illness prevention, monitoring patient progress and advising physicians on medication issues.   Graduates will be well equipped  so that they are able to fulfil the human resources requirement by the ever burgeoning pharmaceutical and health care industry.


Students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to handle and prepare medications for large numbers of patients. They will be provided with an understanding of medical terminology and pharmacology. This enables students to perform the basic tasks of a pharmacy assistant, including measuring, labeling and dispensing medications. Students also learn to interact with patients and build their bookkeeping, administrative, math and organizational skills. Many licensed pharmacists rely on their assistants to keep patient records orderly and up-to-date.



Our new campus, at Gombak, house one of the best facilities. The Pharmacy school is situated in a four stories complex , the new Gombak campus. We have several well equipped laboratories, specially built to cater for the multidisciplinary nature of the pharmacy course.

  1. Microbiology laboratories
  2. Anatomy and physiology laboratories
  3. Chemistry laboratories
  4. Pharmaceutics laboratories.

The new campus also house more then 14 well equipped lecture rooms, a modern library and computers laboratory.

We also have a Pharmacy Practice simulation room, so that students will be well grounded in their dispensing, pharmacology and communication skills.



Carry out the tasks and activities under the supervision of pharmacists in.

*Government  hospitals

*Private hospitals

*Private clinics

*Pharmaceutical manufacturing factories (Executives and Supervisors)

*Community pharmacies

*Nursing homes

*Home health aide

*Home patient care professional



The pharmacy assistants will assist the  pharmacist in performing all pharmacy duties. Namely:-

  • Receive a new prescription order verbally from a prescriber
  • Perform identification, evaluation, interpretation, and clarification of a prescription
  • Verify the prescription before release to the patient
  • Consult with a patient regarding a prescription or nonprescription drug
  • Consult with a prescriber regarding a patient and any medical information pertaining to the patient's prescription
  • Perform a professional consultation with any prescriber, and
  • Select a drug product to dispense.

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma holders will hold the position of Assistant Pharmacist in private or government hospitals and community pharmacies. Graduates would also be in a bright position to be able to hold an executive position or a supervisor in the production of pharmaceutical factories.


Graduates with excellent result will be in a good position to further their studies in local universities and abroad. Areas of studies will be either in Medical or Allied Health Sciences, namely:

* Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS)

* Bachelor of Pharmacy

* Bachelor of Hospital Management

* Bachelor of Forensic Science

* Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology