Program Backgrounds


Nurses in the field of health care and a duty as professional care. Nurses are responsible for the safety and healed the ill, care for the healthy and handle emergencies in all life-threatening condition in all areas of health care.

Among the general assignment Nurses are:
a)  Patient Care

b) Manage patients’ dietary requirements
c) Manage and to take care of patients

Assisting doctors in performing the duties of care
Supervising the Assistant Nurses, Midwives and staff retention
Assisting the Head Nurse in hospital administration and evaluation of trainees

Career prospects are very broad and bright as well as from serving in the country's demand for nurses outside is required. Because nurses work day or night regardless of cause labor intensive is required to meet customer needs the following places:
-Government Hospital - Private hospital - Private Clinic
- Dialysis Center - University College - Industrial Sector
Health Care Center - home of an individual

Opportunities for further education to degree level in nursing post wide open for other than public universities, private university offering many places for staff nurses to connect their studies either full time or part time.