Program Backgrounds


The Diploma in Medical Assistant is an undergraduate academic programme that aimed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to practice as a Medical Assistant or Assistant Medical Officer, as they are currently known. Upon graduating the programme, the graduates would be able to understand, diagnose, treat simple ailment, caring and curing in wellness and disease.


DMA is conducted over 3 years or 6 full semester. The first 2 years or 4 full semesters offer a broad curriculum in the relevant scientific disciplines related to medicine. The teaching-learning activity is geared into substantially describing and discovering how the different human system work, e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory etc., relating cellular and molecular to whole-body aspects of both normal and diseased states. Emphasis on communication skills, integrity and attitude are also evident by delivering subjects of English (long semester), Pengajian Malaysia and computer.


During the final year (semester 5 and 6), students will be placed at clinical placement in the hospital and health clinics, acquiring the basic clinical skills and care necessary for them to function when they graduated later on. Clinical placement would provide the appropriate platform for the students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude pertinent to the areas of medical assistant profession.


Career Opportunities

Graduates will be able to pursue further studies ( a bachelor) in Health Studies, Health Education and any health related fields. Later on they may embark on master degree on Health and Safety, education or any health related areas in a local or foreign universities.


Government sector provides a lot of job opportunities whether in hospital, health clinics, prison, detention centers (Pusat Serenti), PLKN and old folks home. Those who have interest in education will find ample opportunities to be recruited as tutors in MA Training colleges and in any health related education programmes. Private sectors such as Petronas / Shell offshore oilrigs offers better salary scheme as well as estate plantations such as Guthrie, etc. Private specialist hospitals also created job opportunities in various units under their care.