Bringing Back the Smiles


The record shows that about nearly 500,000 students undergo the S.P.M. Examination each year while only 200,000 students managed to get into the government or private higher learning institutions. The remainder of that figure which is 300,000 either has gone astray until opportunity knocks on their door or they would have to venture into working life to continue and carry on with their lives.


One would have thought that it would be expensive to study in an private colleges. Here at PICOMS, we tend to give them a way out from their dilemma of wanting to continue with their dreams of better live with higher education achievements and status quo. That quality education is affordable and that their lives and that of their families could be enhanced by better earnings through better education achievements.


At PICOMS all these is possible and could be realised because of the very purpose of PICOMS formation which is to help produce and develop more students which comes from the poor and under privileged families.  



One could easily enter PICOMS as low as RM50 only making PICOMS one of the most accessible college in the country which proves to be an important aspect especially to students coming from poor families in the rural areas.   



In collaboration with Baitulmal of Federal Territory, PICOMS is offering subsistence allowance of RM250 per month to poor students categorised as ‘asnaf’.



from Pusrawi Hospital for selected students.



This fund was setup in order to assist students financially. While waiting for their pocket allowance or to be disbursed by Baitulmal/MAIWP, they could borrow from the fund and the amount borrowed would be returned back by these students when the said disbursement is affected by Baitulmal/MAIWP.