Towards the 'College University' Status


Through the relentlessly effort of PICOMS management which only 2 years in operation has managed to place PICOMS as one of the favorite choices of  the SPM school leavers. Anyway, PICOMS is not a new private college as its existence was since the year 1995, earlier than the existence of most of the established private colleges in Malaysia. Formerly known as Kolej Jururawat Pusrawi (Pusrawi Nursing College), PICOMS recently became one of established name in the education world especially in the associate medical and health.


PICOMS is also in preparation towards upgrading its level to University College in the year 2013 by offering degree programs confer from PICOMS itself. The target for the future is not only the local students but to the foreign students as well with then accordance of government to make Malaysia to become a ‘hub’ or destination for international students.


PICOMS has  been experiencing tremendously growth in a short period of time because  the main  aim of PICOMS itself is not fully profit based but more towards to support and help the students  by offering them a low and competitive study fees, with  adequate lecturers and  high quality accommodation facilities. To help the ASNAF group, payment and support are streaming to PICOMS through Baitulmal/MAIWP. PICOMS is able to achieve all these with the solid support from MAIWP (The Islamic Religious Council of Federal Territory) which owns 100% shares in PICOMS that make it an identification of a higher institution that can be proud by the Muslim community in Malaysia.


Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin while earlier officiating PICOMS latest campus in Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur said that he fully supports PICOMS request for a university college status. He said that he was very pleased with PICOMS achievements and the fact that PICOMS has established colloborations with most of the established Universities in the world such as Al-Azhar University and Mansoura University in Egypt, University of East London, Jordon University of Science & Technology and that many more have shown their interest to join and collaborate with PICOMS which reflects credibility and world recognition on PICOMS.