Rebranding Ceremony

(The Need to Change)


The original College (Pusrawi Nursing College), established in 1995, initially does not fully reflect MAIWP intention to alleviate social economic standing of the poor in the Federal Territory through education and training.  The Nursing College only focusing in providing training to those inspire to be nurses although the need for trained personnel in health sector. Realising this the original College was rebranded as PICOMS (Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences) in 2010 and followed by the offering of other health related programs. Its existence shall be felt internationally because education is universal.


Thus on March 31st, 2011 -  Pusrawi College of Nursing now officially known as the Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences (PICOMS).


The Rebranding Ceremony of the College was officially launched by His Honourable Major General Dato 'Seri Haji Jamil Khir bin Baharom (B), Minister in the Prime Ministers Department and Chairman of the Religious Council (MAIWP).


The Minister’s in his speech congratulated PICOMS on its successful migration of being a College that only offer nursing courses into the College that have more programs to offer and has a more professional image and credibility. 'Culture of migration or change is one of the main thrust of the government's agenda under Government Transformation Programme (GTP) is Cultural Innovation in Services,' he said again.


Graduates from PICOMS also expected to be a highly knowledgeable centered on Islamic principles which can apply for welfare of society as a whole.


The rebranding moves PICOMS ahead and its impact was felt nationwide. From the number of enquiry received and the number of application for entry to PICOMS programs it indicates that they are in the right track to achieve their vision.